14 February 2016

Hand Dawn Motivation Quotes

I have been creating a series of hand drawn typography, drawing out motivational phrases and good advice. I started this project because things (out of my control) have got complicated and I was getting to the point where it seemed easier to give up and hide away feeling depressed. I didn’t want to be defeated by a bad set of circumstances so I started drawing out messages to remind myself it is not all bad and I need to keep going.

So that’s how it started, and while some things haven’t improved I do feel better in myself, more optimistic that better times are just round the corner when I get there.

So if you’re going through a tough time I can wholeheartedly recommend going back to something simple that you love doing, then do it just for the pleasure it gives you and after a while it distracts you from your problems and can lead you somewhere new. It doesn’t have to be drawing – colouring, sewing, cycling, reading, dancing to cheesy pop… whatever it is, if it helps, do it for you and do it often.

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