16 January 2016

Waiting For The Stars To Align

I started the year super focused, I had a plan. A new exciting plan full of goals, deadlines and actions. I was organised. I knew exactly where I was heading when, just as I got going something, unexpected happened. The thing I didn't allow in my plan was the disruption, time and expense involved in suddenly needing to find a new home. The one thing I took for granted, my lovely bumpkin cottage, was being sold by the landlord and we have two months to clear off.

Suddenly everything is uncertain, I know I need to see this as the next adventure, a challenge, something that fate has thrown in my way to mix things up. My perfect plan was not so perfect, I had assumed I had time to be squirreled away uninterrupted in my little studio with a stupid dog.

It really does go to show there is no perfect moment where all things are optimal for success. There will always be something unexpected, a hurdle or a hiccup. It won't stop me reaching my goals, I just need to work a little harder and be a lot more flexible.

And if you are waiting for the stars to align, for that perfect moment to begin, I'd say that time waiting for a sign could be put to better use. Lets get on with it, something will happen and I'm certain it will be interesting.

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