29 January 2016

Reviving my Inner Optimist

It has been a tough week, lots of things are up in the air, changing in a way I'm not enitirely happy with or just generally not going to plan. It has been getting me down but instead of wrapping myself in a comforting duvet and eating all the chocolate I'm finding solace in ink. It may not work for everyone but scratching away in my sketchbook doing a personal project is my escape.

I started taking positive phrases and quotes and just playing around with them on paper, but have now started scanning them in and cleaning up the smudgy bits and fingerprints. I'm really getting into it, not too sure where it's going, but its keeping me sane and more importantly helping me to look on the bright side...

Ooo that's another *scribbles 'Look on the Brightside' on the corner of a notebook*

A photo posted by Soni (@sonispeight) on

A photo posted by Soni (@sonispeight) on

A photo posted by Soni (@sonispeight) on

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