11 January 2013

January Dreams

 I treated myself to a Rob Ryan calendar with the idea of staying inspired all year to be organised and create images that make me smile. It hangs in the corner of my studio so I can stare at it and day dream.

January is the time of year everyone makes big plans and resolutions and I admit that I am no different. However, there is still one thing outstanding from last year. The plan was to move to countryside (tick) and get a dog (I'd love a sausage dog, but we'll have to wait and see). I now find myself living in a gorgeous country cottage with a bug garden but so far - no dog.

I've been working away from home every week since moving here, and it would not have been fair to get a pet and leave it on its own all day, but after this month that ends. So now my calendar is used for a different purpose - counting down the days until I might get a dog. There is one other hurdle and that is getting the landlord's permission - fingers crossed.

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