07 September 2011


I seem to have gained a second little furry member of the family. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Withnail, our cute little Chinese Dwarf Hamster:
He was bought for us as a joke, which initially made me very angry as not animal should be bought as a joke or given away lightheartedly. They have little lives that are precious and the people that gave us Withnail took a gamble that we would commit to caring for him, for the sake of an easy laugh. As soon as I saw his little nose timidly poking out of his new home, all the anger melted away.

We still have a brute of a hamster called Monty, who is far to keen to fight and bite, so the two of them have separate homes.

Some people have lots of cats, I'm on my way to having lots of Hamsters!

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