23 May 2011

Twitter callouts

I've been working on something secret, something that I can't share yet, but there are a few recent illustrations I can mention.

I answered a couple of callouts on twitter, the first being from @AmeliaGregory from www.ameliasmagazine.com. The request was for a fashion illustration based on a designer from Polish Fashion Week. It was a fab opportunity to challenge my skills by attempting a different genre of illustration. Here is my contribution:

You can see it in context here: ameliasmagazine - Fashion Week Poland

The second callout was from a lively fashion blogger @gemfatale, she was up against a deadline for her final project for uni (a feeling I remember well from my student days) and needed a few line illustrations:

Gem has used them along side contributions from @jadecc (from @cellardoormag), and illustrations by @topofmytodo to create a fantastic little book of clever money saving DIY, fashion and beauty tips. She's been featured on the C4 programme Super Scrimpers, and has a lovely and entertaining blog www.gemfatale.co.uk (check it on Tuesdays for more thrifty tips.)

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