14 August 2010

Lady Jackalope Number 2

For some reason this is an image I keep coming back to at the moment. I've drawn several versions of this lady and I have a feeling I'll be drawing a few more yet.


  1. I love the Lady Jackalope's eyes.

    Lots of love,

  2. Oh, she's so beautiful and serene! I see why you can't stop drawing her. :)

  3. what a beautiful blog you have and your work is sooo amazing! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment too. hope your week is lovely... xo, carla

  4. my friend and I are starting a ladies outdoors gear company called "Jackalope Labs" maybe we can collaborate on a t-shirt or something when we get up and running?

    Stumbled on you via google searching, love your work!

  5. I like this version of her the best!!! - of the ones you posted. something about her is intriguing I can't quite put words too it.


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