05 June 2009

Mottos to live by

I have read two random lines of text recently that have struck a cord with something within me. The first was ‘Keep hands moving’. It was actually written on a hand dryer in the ladies loo but I think it is good advice, idle hands... devil's work... and all that… I just love to be busy but recently have taken to drifting off into daydream world and loosing big chunks of time. If I kept my hands busy it grounds me a bit more and I am more likely to get things done.

The second was on a student travel website, it read ‘Make the most of your time on Earth’. At first I thought this was a bit ominous like we’re all going to be abducted by aliens or sent to Pluto or something, but then I realised it is the same as something I used to say a lot - life is too short! Which is true and no one is going to live your life for you. I think I'm starting to focus a bit more on what I actually want. I used to be super ambitious and then lost that somewhere along the way, however I can just about feel the tingle of it creeping back into my life. I don't want to wait for things to happen, I want to make them happen.

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