04 May 2009

The Ladybird, Le Corbusier and the ceiling

Sometimes I doodle on post-its, which means I often loose them, however I discovered this little creature stuck to the back of some papers:I spent a glorious sunny day in London yesterday. We went to the Natural History Museum to look at dinosaurs, and to the Barbican to see a Le Corbusier exhibition:
I really admire the clean modern line he took with architecture, it was amazing to see the range of his work and the detail he went to. There is still part of me however that prefers buildings a little bit less organised, and slightly more decorated and less uniform. This is a snap of the ceiling of a old pub near where I live, the entire surface is covered in swirling plaster leaves, scrolls and flowers. I love it, it sounds strange that I drink somewhere because of the ceiling - but I do.


  1. I love ladybirds!

    Good to hear you had a lovely and inspirational time in sunny London.

  2. Thanks Carol, it was good.

  3. what a sweet little sketch, London is such a fabulous city, I always love to visit.


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