07 May 2009


I temp to help pay the bills, and this is the corner of my monitor at work: I really do like doodling on post-its. I have the word 'YES' in front of me because I like it. It is a nice positive word and reminds me to be positive too. I think it came from when I read the book 'Yes Man' by Danny Wallace and loved it. (It has recently been made into a film, which is still good but a completely different story to the book, it is worth seeing/reading both in my opinion.)This is the wall next to my computer - I've got some important info on there but as you can see I've also got lots of pictures - Nate Williams, Annora Spence and a postcard of Portmerion in Wales.


  1. I love your post-it doodles!

    I have taken to doodling in my writing notebooks. I find it helps me gather my thoughts.

  2. YES! Love the doodles!

  3. YES! Such a simple word but has such great positive motives. And I say yes to your little doodles on post-its, they are cute.


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