05 May 2009

A Cath Kidston confession

I have a weekness for red things, I also have a weakness for Cath Kidston. I really have no good explanation for my behavior but recently I have bought this oven glove and tea towell set for the kitchen (for the kitchen, not for me... honest). But then I accidentally bought this starry gorgeous hold all to keep my sewing stuff in. I know I could have got something cheaper and possibly uglier, but I can't help having a big stupid grin on my face every time I look at this.
I have a problem, I know, but it's one I enjoy :)


  1. I saw that bag in Selfridges a little while ago and Dave had to physically restrain me from getting it!!! Good work miss! xxxx

  2. I love that starry pattern, and if it makes you that happy then it was well worth it.

  3. Thanks both. I know it's supposed to be the little things that make you happy but for me it is definitely the big red things covered in stars! Woop!

  4. hmmm i have a weakness for cath kidston too...there is a gorgeous cath kidston store in my hometown, i have to make myself stay away because otherwise the temptation is just too much!


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