06 March 2009

The Sun is shining

I feel so much better today than I did last Friday. The sun is shining and while it isn’t warm out it does feel gloriously bright and fresh. I always feel so positive on a day like this – like something exciting will happen, or a big adventure will start…

I’m planning to make up for everything I didn’t do for my birthday this weekend, so my to do list reads something like this:

  • Sleep in
  • Birthday breakfast of Croissants
  • Drive back home
  • Play with my little niece and marvel at how much she’s grown
  • See my parents
  • Eat out somewhere lovely with my Boyfriend
  • Go to proper old fashioned pub in Kenilworth and catch up with friends I haven’t seen in ages.
  • Have a Sunday roast with family
  • Drive home and snuggle on the sofa

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