03 March 2009

Bad Birthday

It was my birthday on Friday, look at some of the lovely cards I’ve been sent:
And this absolutely gorgeous Momiji bag from given to me by my lovely friend Erica. We both love the quote 'we lie on our backs watching the clouds. our lovely day.’

Unfortunately I got ill the day before my birthday so all celebrations and work were put on hold as I was flat out under a blanket. I spent the whole weekend looking pathetic, with my boyfriend equally afflicted. I’m only just beginning to feel my old self now. All reunions with friends are rescheduled for next weekend, and in the mean time I have a massive backlog of to-do’s to catch up on.

I had the delight of being featured on the Etsy weekend deals, which was a fantastic boost, the same deal is running next weekend too. Thank you to everyone who made orders, enquiries and sent lovely messages it really is a good feeling that there are people out there who like what I do.

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