24 November 2008

Nick Cave & Francis Bacon

What a combination!!!!
Last night I saw Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds play at Brighton. The support band were awful but Nick more than made up for it by leaping on the stage like a crazed preacher of rock. The music was seriously good, not sing a long pop, but true rock with two drum kits and three keyboard/organs, and a guy with a big beard who switched between fiddle and guitar. Amazing.

Then today I went to London and saw the Francis Bacon Exhibition and the Turner Prize at the Tate Britain. I love Bacon's work although it's a little disturbing I personally find his paintings really compelling and powerful. I especially like his series based on a portrait of a pope... A few years ago I saw an exhibition in Dublin about his life and works. They had taken his actual studio (every little piece, right down to the screwed up bits of paper and dried up paint tubes) and rebuilt it inside the gallery.

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