08 July 2008

I have much tinkering to do

I am so busy at the moment, apologies to all my friends I just don't see anymore. It's nothing you have done I am just stuck tinkering away with shadows and paper and ink and well general mess that will eventually (I hope) become a more coherent final body of work for my MA... eek!

I can't believe it is almost over, I still have so much I want to try out. Here are some recent efforts:


  1. lovely images.. so atmospheric!

  2. wow these are stunning. just realised you live in guildford - me too! won't stalk you though, promise ;D

  3. lol GUGAW, I doubt any one would stalk me - I spend too long at at a computer to be of interest. :D

  4. Shannon of MayaBella25 July, 2008

    That is beautiful. I love all the swirlies! I am going to go read all your other posts! :)


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