18 March 2008

Crazy eyes

I went to Richmond at the weekend, it's a lovely part of London. Very posh, on the Thames. Lots of big houses and parks, and expensive looking cars.

But also there was this:

It's the sign for the opticians, it watches you walk right up the street and is padlocked to that wire frame so no one steals it. I love it, it is properly crazy if not slightly freaky. I think it's maybe those sleepy eyelids that makes it endearing. I think more businesses should have wooden signs like this - a mouth and teeth for the dentist... I don't know, it was only an idea....


  1. I love Richmond...It really is a beautiful part of London. That sign is insane (and creepy), and quite wonderfully so. I agree, businesses would be ever so much more exciting if they had signs that followed you with their eyes.

  2. Wow! That is kind of scary! LOL!
    It looks like those joke glasses with the eyes painted on them.


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